The psychological effect of chronic illness

If you experience chronic pain it can affect your day-to-day life drastically, making perfunctory tasks increasingly more difficult than they once were. To ease daily life you have to alter your lifestyle and change your old habits. These changes can majorly change your perspective…

You’re told to be checked as soon as possible

You’re put on the waiting list

You’re told your symptoms should be taken seriously

Don’t worry they’re harmless

You’re told you’re at risk

you beg to be looked over

You’re told you’re too young

But, so was your grandmother

You’re told you’re just anxious

The lump is no longer there

You’re told to go home

Maybe they just don’t care

Wait until you deteriorate

It’s not worth the test if it comes back negative

They need to know you’re dying

before doing anything preventive

Chloe Anderson

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